Best Lego Table With Storage

The right construction start

Can lead to a great construction career. If your child is talented in building things, then a good set of Legos will help them learn how to build better. One way to make sure they get on the right building path is to use one of the top 7 best Lego table with storage in 2020.

These Lego tables provide your child with a good foundation and they also make sure their Legos do not get lost when they are not in use. Some assembly may be required to attach legs but that is okay, your child will have lots of fun with these Lego tables.

Our Lego table with storage review

List Of Top 7 Best Lego Table With Storage in 2020

7. DUPLO Table with Built-in Lego Storage


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Compatible with Legos, this 32 by 16” table gives your child a solid area to create their building masterpieces. Made from hardwood, it should be strong enough to handle the treatment your child gives it.

Plus, there are no sharp edge to hurt your child They can play with this table risk free and so can their friends. The only installation required is for you to attach the legs. In addition to all of this, your child gets a storage bag to make sure his or her Legos do not get lost when not in use.

6. LEGO Oak Color Play Table


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The beauty and strength of Birch wood will highlight and enhance any playroom décor. Especially when it is stained an oak color. This 42 by 29 by 22” table gives your child plenty of room to be creative and innovative. No sharp edges are a part of this table. Your child can play in complete safety.

Also, the 8 Lego table tiles can be removed when your child wants to play board games or do his or her homework. In addition to this, when you purchase this table, your child gets 3 12 by 14 by 2 ½” storage drawers to hide his or her Legos.

5. Large DUPLO Compatible Table


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Measuring 32 by 32 inches in size, your child can play to their heart’s content. Or they can invite friends over for joint Lego play time. The preassembled hardwood construction materials keep this Lego table long lasting.

Plus, your child gets 2 storage bags to make sure he or she has a safe place to store their toy Legos. There is the option to buy a flat table top if you want to use this Lego table for more than just building projects. No matter what you do your child should have hours of fun using this Lego table.

4. CP Toys Activity Table

CP Toys Activity Table

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Having more than one use makes this Lego table worth every penny. When your child is tired of playing with Legos, they can flip the top over and use the flat surface underneath. The sky is the limit on their playing options.

Also, your child gets a large drawer to store his or her toys and Legos inside. No more excuses for not having a clean room. Measuring approx. 34 by 25 by 18 inches in size, your child should have enough space to construct the next super building. Safe for your child and their friends to use every day.

3. YENNY Shop Compatible Play Table

YENNY Shop Compatible

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Two unique features accompany this Lego table to your home. First, it folds up. That makes overall storage simple and easy. Second, its table top slides out to reveal the large storage space underneath.  The storage should hold up to 500 Lego blocks.

On top of those unique features, you get a solid pine table that measures 20 by 11 by 12 inches in size. No sharp edges are on the table and no assembly is required. Then the lightweight table is easy to move to a new location. This table can fit under your child’s bed when not in use

2. Brick Nation Lego Compatible Table

Brick Nation Lego Compatible

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The open storage boxes on either end of this Lego table lets your child reach in and grab the piece they need easily. Measuring approx. 20 by 20 by 24 inches in size, there should be enough room for your child to play and build.

Also, the assembly takes only a few minutes. With the pilot holes already drilled for you, you just need a good screwdriver to attach the legs. The screws are included in the package. Plus, the high table walls make it hard for your child to lose their Legos as they play.

1. Kid Kraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

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Storing your child’s Lego building blocks are simple and easy. Just lift the top and place the not in use Legos underneath in the storage box. Then lift the table top again to get them out. Your child should not lose their Legos with this table on the job.

Also, your child gets 200 compatible building blocks to start their fun as soon as you get the table home. Plus, if your child needs to do homework or wants to play a board game, they can flip the top over to use the flat surface. More than one child can play at the same time with this large 25 by 16 by 23-inch Lego table.

Some final words

Having a good childhood depends in part on the toys your child gets to play with. Using one of the top 7 best Lego tables with storage in 2020 is one of those toys. Your children can play for hours and have fun developing their different talents and abilities.

With no sharp edges, your child can also play worry free. They are in no danger of hurting themselves. Plus, these tables are large enough to help teach your child how to share. Their friends can join them in their construction projects and learn how to play nice with others.

No matter how you look at it one of the top 7 best Lego tables with storage in 2020 is a good childhood investment.


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