Best Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are two-way radios that allow the user to send messages through a push-to-talk button and the receiver to hear the message through an inbuilt speaker.

They can be used for various purposes. They are mostly used by security personnel during patrols. They can also be used for recreational use say with the family in a crowded area like the mall. Nowadays they are popular in the business world to relay important information to employees throughout the day.

Finding the right walkie talkie can be a daunting task due to the wide variety out there and of course the marketing hype. We took the time and narrowed it down for you to the top 10 best walkie talkies in 2020 but first…

What should you consider before you buy the right walkie talkie for you?


Different walkie talkies are suitable for different purposes. A walkie talkie that is ideal for family use may not be as effective for business use.


The longer the range, the better especially for business use walkie talkies.

Battery life

Some walkie talkies are rechargeable while others operate on disposable batteries. Whichever you decide on, ensure that the battery life is relatively long. The last thing you want is to have your battery run out when you need it most. A good walkie talkie should have a battery life of at least 10 hours.

10. Retevis 6 Pack Walkie Talkie, 400-470 MHz Frequency Range, 16 Channel

 Pack Walkie Talkie

Taking on the tenth position on our list is the 6 pack Retevis 6 pack walkie talkie two-way radio which is ideal for short distances due to its short range. It is suitable for factory workers due to its range and ease of use.

Furthermore, it has an emergency alarm that you can press when in danger. Another impressive feature is the built-in LED torch.

In case of any damage, it has a one year guarantee so you can have peace of mind.

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· Crystal clear voice transmission

· Has an emergency alarm

· Has an LED light


· Too short range

9. Midland 2 Way Radio, 18-Mile Range, 22 Channel

 Midland 2 Way Radio 18 Mile Range 22 Channel

Taking the ninth position on our list is this Midland two-way range. It is one of the budget-friendly units in this list and short mile range of up to 18 miles. It is suitable for weddings and large meetings where you need to communicate to people without physically walking to where they are.

It allows a channel scan so as to maximize the number of radio channels in the range. It has 22 channels and stands out for delivering crisp and clear communication even in noisy areas. It has a 3-year warranty, so you are assured of quality, and if something bad happens, you may get a replacement.

Other features in this unit include, keystroke tones, hands-free operation and keypad lock. It has dual power options, using 3 AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery. Another great feature is the ability to remove any background noise.

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· Offers a good number of channels

· Allows channel scan

· Allows keypad lock


· The batteries are not included when purchasing.

8. Motorola Talkabout two- way radio, 16 mile range, 22 channel

 Motorola Talkabout two way radio 16 mile range 22 channel

The reason why the Motorola Talkabout two-way radio is number nine on our list is due to its simple design which makes it easy for kids to use. In addition, It makes a great gift because it comes in pink and light blue. It has a short 16-mile range that is perfect for communication at the park or the mall.

Other features you will love about this unit is that it has an 8-level digital volume, battery low beep alerts, and a keypad lock. It guarantees a long battery life of 20 hours using 6 AAA batteries.

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· Ensures a long battery life

· Offers battery-low alerts

· You can activate the keypad lock


· The range is too short

7. BaoFeng 6-pack Two Way Radio, 440-470MHz Frequency Range,16 Channel

 BaoFeng 6 pack Two Way Radio 440 470MHz Frequency Range 16 Channel

Do you enjoy biking, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities? Well, this must be the ideal walkie talkie for you. This walkie talkie is also perfect if you work as a security guard in a supermarket or in construction. Most walkie talkies come in twos, but the BaoFeng BF-888S comes in a pack of 6. This gives you an added advantage of communicating with five other people at no additional cost.

It has a frequency of 400-469.995MHz which makes it ideal for short distances.

Awesome additional features include: high speaker quality and power saving mode activator.

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· Has a hard durable exterior

· Boasts of quality speakers

· Ensures an extended battery life


· Complaints that the range is too short

6. Midland Consumer Radio, 24 Mile Range, 22 channel

 Midland Consumer Radio 24 Mile Range 22 channel

If you require a walkie talkie that is functional for long distances, the Midland Consumer Radio is the way to go. It offers a longer range of up to 24 miles in open areas that have a little obstruction. It also includes 22 clear radio channels that keep you updated.

This unit comes with rechargeable batteries and a Dual Desktop Charger. In addition, it uses 4 AAA batteries. Additional features that you will love include auto-squelch that removes annoying background noises, a channel scan, and a battery life extender.

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· Has an Impressively long range

· It comes with accessory jacks

· It is waterproof


· You need to register some of the channels at a fee

5. Midland Consumer Radio, 26 Mile Range, 36 Channel

 Midland Consumer Radio 26 Mile Range 36 Channel

Number five on our list is the Midland Consumer Radio which comes with 36 crisp clear channels. Furthermore, it offers a conveniently long range of up to 26 Miles.

If you enjoy being outdoors most of the time camping or cycling, the NOAA weather radio service will keep you updated on weather and hazard alerts. Additionally, it allows hands-free operation and consists of 121 privacy codes.

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· Boasts of clarity on its channels

· Has an impressively long range

· Offers weather and hazard alerts


· All other radio channels except 8-14 of them require licensing

4.Uniden Two- Way Radio, 16 Mile Range, 22 Channel

 Uniden Two Way Radio 16 Mile Range 22 Channel

Uniden Two-way Radio stands out as number four on our list due to some features. First, the Uniden manufacturing standards restrict the use of hazardous chemicals. All packaging is fully recyclable.

Also, this unit has an automatic power saving feature that extends battery life. Another outstanding feature is the auto-squelch that allows you to reduce background noise and interference.

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· Uses recyclable packaging and non-toxic inks

· Has an automatic power saving feature

· Consists of an auto-squelch


· Speakers can’t clearly capture low sound

3. Motorola Two Pack Radio, 23 Mile Range, 22 Channel

 Motorola Two Pack Radio 23 Mile Range 22 Channel

Third on our list is the Motorola Two Pack Radio which offers quality and consistent sound irrespective of distance. This walkie talkie boasts of an exceptionally strong range of up to 23-mile radius which makes it ideal to keep in touch with your family at crowded public places like the beach.

It has a quiet talk filter that ensures that even the lowest of voices and sounds are heard. Other amazing features are its dual power, 121 privacy codes not forgetting the NOAA weather channels.

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. Superior sound quality

. Comes with a dual charger

. Consists of a quiet filter


. It’s a bit pricey

2. Midland duo pack two-way radio,36 Mile Range, 50 Channel

 Midland duo pack two way radio 36 Mile Range 50 Channel

Taking the number two position on our list is this Midland two way radio that comes with a transparent behind the ear microphone. It is ideal for security personnel and hunting due to it long 36-mile range coverage.

It consists of a 120V charger ensuring longer battery life. When you don’t want noise disruption to say during a wedding, you can activate vibrate alert option.

Other cool features that you would like include the 142 privacy codes and a wide frequency band.


. Has a powerful charger

. Offers many radio channels.

vibrate alert option is available


. The on-screen battery indicator doesn’t work well

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1. BaoFeng Dual Band Radio,65-108 MHz Frequency Range

 BaoFeng Dual Band Radio 65 108 MHz Frequency Range

The best of the bunch is the BaoFeng Duo Band radio, affordability meets quality. This two way radio allows you to customize channel names.

It consists of a dualband. You can select between a broadband of 25khz and a narrowband of 12.5 khz.The best feature yet is that this walkie talkie has an auto keypad lock that automatically locks when not in use.

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· It is affordable

· Allows you to switch between the duobands

· Consists of an auto keypad


· Be aware of automatic drastic changes in volume

With this review of best top 10 walkie talkies in 2020, choosing the best walkie talkie for you couldn’t be any easier. Now you are in a better position to make a more informed purchase.


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